Wednesday, February 27, 2008

JQuery - It Doesn't Suck

So I hate coding; this is known. What I really like doing is watching libs grow though, so it was pretty cool to watch Ext go from being this tiny YUI helper to a juggernaught of JS. Somewhere along the way though, I think they lost the user friendliess, and now it just sorta feels like the Java API all over again. During that I time I wondered if maybe Scriptaculous/Prototype was where it was at, and over all of that I completely ignored JQuery while giving it props for the cool functional angle.

I am a changed man.

I had to put together a quick demo for some new server side code I was developing and I needed a lib to quick get my forms up and working properly. Speed/visuals, these are all important. What I love about JQuery is that it's really about staying out of your way *completely*. No registering this, embedding that. You include the lib, some plugins and add the css class to your forms and you're done.

I'm really impressed how completely focused on unobtrusive Javascript the JQuery community is. It really feels like they just understand the whole point of HTML more than the other guys. If you like building guis the "traditional way" then I'd definitely recommend Ext to you, but if you just need to layer in functionality to your web forms, JQuery is your tool.

A man needs tools.

and sex, but during the work day, tools.

Unless you have a really cool job.


Signing off.

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