Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Netbeans, netbeans, netbeans.

Why is it that any time I get near some Sun-sponsored technology I end up on some crappy link marginally related to what want to check out I but mostly focused on Netbeans?.

Holy crap; move on people.

I'm not going to change editors on a dime because Sun is freaked out over SWT and wants people to be using Swing. This isn't a slam against Swing: I've seen some great interfaces built with it. It's just shameful that every new api or specification from them is presented through the Netbeans lens.

Netbeans might have come a long way since I tried it years ago and that's great, but these days I'm really more concerned with wiring things and getting stuff done rather than than choosing how I'm going to develop my code; I just don't care enough to review it, and I know Eclipse gives me the productivity I need to get the job done quickly and correctly. Moreover, I'm CERTAINLY not going to learn it for one quick start app deployment.

If Netbeans really was that great they would present the Netbeans option AND the Eclipse option just to show how much more productive you are with Netbeans.

You know, I'm posting this rant and I just remembered that Kirill (of Swing fame) just posted something similar a year or so ago. Funny how times don't change.